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Pickled Red Cabbage (Kırmızı Lahana Turşusu)

The prettiest, the most vibrant pickle ever, the pickled red cabbage, is offered as a delicious meze/tapas/side at many Turkish restaurants across the country. I'm  a total pickle freak and this one is a staple in our fridge. We have it on salads, on hot sandwiches (try it on your reuben!), or simply as a side dish.

1 red cabbage, grated or very finely sliced
~2 tbsp coarse sea salt
apple vinegar
1 clove garlic, minced optional (It's not traditional, but I do like my pickled cabbages a bit garlicy and place them in the jar with just a little bit of minced garlic)

-Grate the red cabbage and rub it with coarse sea salt until it oozes its color and softens.
-Stuff the cabbage in clean glass jars.
-In a separate bowl or jar mix equal parts of water and vinegar. For one medium size cabbage I usually use 3-4 cups of vinegar mix. (If you want your pickle garlicy, add it now)
-Fill the cabbage jar with vinegar liquid all the way to the top.
-Store in the fridge.
-Your pickle will be ready to eat in 3 days and you can keep enjoying it for 2-3 months.

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