Almost Turkish Recipes

Pear Marmalade (Armut Marmelatı)

The other day my mom sounded highly enthusiastic on the phone about a new quince marmalade recipe. she insisted I tried it. I didn't want to say that I cannot find quince, one of my favorite winter fruits, here and crush her passion. I said sure, of course I'll try. After I hung up, I decided to apply the recipe to pears that were sitting on the counter for a long time. The result was a light fragrant marmalade perfect with cream cheesed bagels.

I had 5 pears and used all. You can use as many as you want. 5 pears made 24oz/1.5lb/~700gr marmalade.

5 grated pears made ~5 cups. For 5 cups of grated pears I used 2 1/2 cups of sugar. So, the ratio of sugar to pear is 1 to 2.

5 d'anjou pears, grated (use the bigger hole), seeds taken out, not
2 1/2 - 3 cups of sugar
juice of 1 orange
juice of half lemon
3-4 cloves

-Put grated pear, juice of orange, and cloves in a pot on medium heat. Pear will first release juice. Cook off juice. (~1 hour)
-Stir in sugar and lemon juice and cook until it thickens.
-Pour in dry jars and let cool. Wait until it cools down to put the lid.


  1. Some of that marmalade would be perfect spread across some soft white homemade bread :)

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  3. It's amazing what three little cloves can do-just the right amount of spice to enhance rather than overwhelm. Your recipe transformed some very scruffy homegrown pears that into a lovely marmalade, Thank You!

  4. i was reading your recipe and decided to leave just a quick note, just a curiosity. originally marmelades were made of quince only. it was the way (only perhaps) one could eat the fruit. quince = marmelo (in portuguese). marmelada is to marmelo as laranjada is to laranja (orange), goiabada is to goiaba.