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Turkish Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables (Menemen)

Menemen, Turkish style scrambled eggs, is enjoyed both as breakfast or a wholesome meal. It is best in summer when sweet green chilis and juicy tomatoes are in abundance. Best part of menemen is whether you are a great cook or an aspiring one, you cannot go wrong with menemen; the ingredients secure the taste. Must-have traditional ingredients for menemen are eggs, tomato, peppers (preferably sweet green peppers), parsley, and the controversial "onion": People of Turkey are divided when it comes to having menemen with ot without onion. I am a lifelong member of the "no onion" camp. 

Here's how I make menemen for four:

6 eggs, well-beaten
4-5 juicy tomatoes, diced 
(1 small onion, finely chopped) 
4 fresh peppers, finely chopped (if you cannot find sweet green chilies, you sweet Italian peppers or shishitos, banana peppers or any pepper you like)
1/2 bunch flat leaf parsley, finely chopped
1-2 tbsp oil or butter
2 tsp spicy pepper flakes
1 tsp black pepper

Nothing is written in stone, so you can use more or less of anything above. 

-In a frying pan heat oil and add onion. Cook on medium until they're soft but not browned. 
-Add fresh peppers.
-Once they're cooked, pour in tomatoes and salt. Wait until tomatoes change color to a dark red and cook down a little. 
-Stir in beaten eggs. Stir constantly.
-Right before eggs are cooked, add chopped parsley.
-Serve with bread.


  1. What a lovely, simple dish -- I think that's tonight's dinner!

  2. Sounds very yummy and completely South Beach friendly too! Great dish.

  3. Lovely! I will certainly be trying this one!

  4. Anonymous5:44 PM

    Yes, what a coincidence! I noted the feta variation in yours, and will try that sometime.

  5. Hi Burcu,
    Just coming back to let you know that I'm featuring this as part of my South Beach Recipes of the Week today, where I'm sharing dishes with eggs. I have included your photo, with a credit for you of course, and a link to the recipe.

  6. Anonymous12:23 PM

    This is very similar to the dish prepared for me long ago by a Turkish friend (right on the beach near Adana, I think), and which I've made many times since with just a few things different from your recipe.

    Also I think he taught me (or maybe I did it myself?) that it looks better (but doesn't taste quite as good) to poach the eggs on top of the "stew" instead of mixing/scrambling them in --great presentation for a potluck though. Mine uses zucchini/summer squash (green and yellow for great color) instead of the peppers though, regular onions, and no cheese... but looks almost exactly like the photo!

    Diane B.

  7. Anonymous12:40 AM

    My favourite breakfast...brings back memories. Great blog!!

  8. I love this dish, I usually make it more simple just tomato, green pepper and eggs, and its sooo tasty. See u! Peace! Pablo

  9. Nancy4:16 AM

    We call this dish shakshooka..well loved by our family

  10. Sounds so good, will try this next week, thank you!

  11. Sometimes I get really lazy to make dinner and make make these scrambled eggs with a touch of heavy cream at the very end, a little cheddar and dump on rice.