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Turkish Rice Pudding-Baked (Fırın Sütlaç)

is a light dessert originated in Ottoman cuisine. The rumor goes that it was flavored with rose water in palace kitchens, but in my kitchen I skipped that ingredient. If you want to try the original taste, add 2-3 tsp rose water to milk.

1 lt (32 oz.) milk
1/2 cup white rice
1 cup white sugar
1/4 cup  corn or regular starch

-Wash the rice and boil it with 2 cups of water until water is soaked
-Put rice, milk, and sugar in a pot and stir on low. Keep stirring for 20-30 minutes more after it starts boiling.
-Mix corn starch with a little bit of water until the mixture is smooth. Then, add this mixture to the pot. Stir for 4-5 minutes.
-Now you need to decide whether you want to have regular sütlaç or baked one. If you want regular rice pudding, pour the pudding into bowls and serve cold with cinnamon sprinkled on top. However, if you want baked rice pudding, pick oven safe bowls, put put pudding in them, and then broil them until the top is brown, dark brown. Chill and serve.
-Another way to make baked rice pudding is to mix 2 tbsp of pudding (after you turn off the heat stove) with one egg yolk, and spread this mix lightly and evenly on the pudding after pouring them in bowls. If you broil sütlaç with the eggy mixture on top, you'll have a more flavorsome pudding.

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  1. Thanks Sher! It's good to be back.

  2. Burcu,

    First, welcome back! :) Have been missing u!
    Second, the pudding looks so yummy. One question though, what type of rice should I use? Long-grain or short-grain? And can I add orange blossom water to it? TIA!

  3. Burcu,
    been missing you and your great food!
    Me too, want to know what type of rice you use... I have Italian riso carnaroli at home.

  4. Welcome back. The rice pudding is delicious and I'm drooling over your soup. Will try that soon. :)

  5. Thank you all! I'm glad to be back and almost over jet lag. I'll start cooking full time soon.

    It's best to use short grain rice for this pudding. And risotto rice is fine, too.

  6. Anh- I think orange blossom water would be really nice!

  7. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Hi, this recipe is perfect, its exactly how we make it in my family. we're from montenegro, so for us its sutlijas =D -Maja

  8. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Thanks a lot for a wonderful work you have done giving chance to Turkish cuisine lovers to try it out themselves. I started with my favourite Firin Sutlac.. and even for me a total beginner in kitchen the receipe easy to follow.. although while baking.. everything went over. still couldnt understand why. but will try again! thanks a lot anyway!

  9. Hi Helena,
    I'm sorry it didn't go quite well during baking. I wonder what happened? Did it burn or not get roasted on top, at all?

  10. Dear Burcu,
    the funny thing is that it got a beautiful brown color on the top, it didnt manage to burn (the way i actually like) it all just went over the pots - the sutlac just run away all over the oven :)

    but i will try once again..

  11. Hi Burcu

    May I know how much is a cup in your recipes? I've tried googling but it seems to vary according to type of cups used.

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Hi Maya,
    I use a regular cup which is 16 table spoons or 240 ml.

  13. Many thanks Burcu, hope you had a terrific Halloween (^_~)!

  14. Hi Burcu, I visited Turkey couple of months back and absolutely loved the food there! After coming back to the States, I have been trying to find Turkish recipes especially for this rice pudding, so am very excited to find your blog. I will definitely give this a try, thanks!

  15. I had a question regarding your receipe. You say boil the rice until water is soaked. Does that mean cook the rice until the water is gone? I have seen some recipes where it says to leave a little bit of water. Just want to clarify. Also after you boil the water, you then add the milk and other ingredients to the pot of rice? I just had this dish in a turkish restaurant and am hoping I can make it! Thank you!

  16. Jasmine, you boil the rice until water is soaked but not burnt or completely dried out, so I guess it's ok to leave it a little bit juicy but not too much. Once you cook the rice, mix it with milk, sugar, and vanilla in a different pot. The bottom of the rice pot might starchy and as a result burn later on.

  17. It turned out delicious! Thanks!

  18. Anonymous7:21 PM

    How many servings is this recipe for?

  19. It depends on the bowl you will serve it. It will app. make 5-6 cups.

  20. This looks delicious, I will try it out. Thanks for the recipe.