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Turkish Zuppa Inglese (Supangle)

The chocolate pudding that we call in Turkey "supangle," or "sup" in short, comes from French soupe Anglaise, which comes from Italian zuppa Inglese, which probably is derived from British trifle. Despite the inherited name, the dessert itself bears no resemblance to either zuppa Inglese or trifle, other than the first layer of cake. Therefore, I will label this rich, absolutely delicious chocolate pudding that you can find in every single patisserie in Turkey as traditional Turkish.

8 medium size bowls or glasses
1 litre milk
7/8 cup sugar
1/3 cup flour
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1/4 cup butter
3/4 cup dark chocolate or chocolate chips
left over cake or lady fingers or tea, cocoa, etc. biscuits or cookies

-Mix cold milk, sugar, flour, and cocoa powder, and start cooking stirring constantly.
-Once it starts boiling, take it off the stove.
-Add butter and chocolate. Stir well.
-Cover the bottom of bowls or glasses with which you will serve the pudding with a layer of cake, cookie, or biscuit, and wet them with a splash of milk.
-Pour the pudding into the bowls.
-Decorate the tops with ground pistachio, shredded coconut, ground walnuts or almonds.
-Serve cold.

The popular way to have a "sup" in Turkey is with a scoop of ice cream on top.

note: See the cracks on the surface of the pudding in the pictures? That's because I forgot what a patisserie chef told me once and pour the pudding into the bowls when it was still hot. However, if you let the pudding cool down in the pot, stirring it frequently, and then pour it into the bowls, there would not be any cracks on the surface.


  1. Looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous8:49 AM

    This must taste delicious, especially with that ice cream on top!

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM

    It IS delicious! I made this dessert this afternoon and my family appreciated it a lot. Thank you very much for all your fantastic recipes.

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  5. This recipe is great! This is my husband's favorite dessert and he has high standarts for it :-) I followed the recipe, it was easy and the tip for not having cracks on top worked, I also sprinkled some ground hazelnuts on top. I will definitely make it again, thanks!

  6. Thanks for the feedback, ani, this is actually my staple desert. I haven't anyone who likes chocolate and doesn't like this. And glad to hear that the trick for cracks work; I have yet to remember not to pour it hot.

  7. Anonymous6:10 AM

    Delicious! I made it yesterday and everyone loved it!

  8. Thank you for amazing recipe. I think chocolate type is very important, maybe some milky.